Microsoft and Yahoo Search Engine Deal Seeks To Take On Google

Microsoft and Yahoo have signed a deal to combine their efforts in the search engine world. Together, Microsoft and Yahoo only handle a little over a quarter of online searches with powerhouse Google taking well over half.

This venture will give Microsoft access to Yahoo and the two companies hope their coming together will give Google a run for its money. Google has been said to be simply too big and people worry about the privacy factor when speaking of the giant and these worries are extending to the world of wireless phones as Google Android seeks to bring down the iPhone by making phones more like computers filled with a variety of applications.

However, Google’s name and power are the reason they take care to keep information private. Their size and reach are the very things that require they keep user’s privacy safe seeing as how companies like Microsoft and Yahoo are waiting for the slightest slip-up on Google’s part to welcome users their search engine.

Since Google is so well-known and vast, people typically flock to the sight for its ease and simplicity, so Microsoft and Yahoo’s search engine venture is going to have to do something extreme to either outclass Google or discredit the company.

Pending governmental approval, which shouldn’t be a problem, Microsoft and Yahoo will be working together soon. It will definitely be interesting to see what Yahoo and Microsoft come up with to combat Google, whose very name is synonymous with the term search.  In all of these tech battles it all comes down to money.  Some companies want to save as much money as possible while others are willing to spend as they know they will make more in the future.