Congress Seeks To Extend Unemployment Benefits And Solutions For The Jobless

The deadline to apply for unemployment benefits may be extended as both the House and Senate are working on bills to help those out of work. There are also possible proposals for things like partial unemployment benefits for workers whose hours and wages have been cut. With unemployment benefits extended to 99 weeks in some states the question on many people’s minds is are these extensions helping?

With billions going into unemployment these bills by congress seem to be treating the symptoms and not the cause. Many who are receiving unemployment benefits are generally in need, but vast amounts of people are sitting at home and soaking up the benefits waiting for things to improve.

Again, this isn’t the case for everyone who happens to be unemployed, as the job market is incredibly tough at the present. However, the problem is that there are few jobs available or being created, so what can be done?

The need for job creation is the focus of the White House Job Forum and the majority seem to think that until the private sector steps up and starts hiring then there is little that can be done.

Congress has a tricky problem to solve as they are under scrutiny for the spending related to unemployment extensions, but they are also trying to help the millions of Americans who are jobless and desperately depending on unemployment benefits for their livelihood.

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