Verizon 2010 iPhone Deal May Be In Trouble; Google Android May Overtake iPhone

The anticipated iPhone from Verizon was hoped to be on the market by 2010 but there are many doubters who believe this marriage between phone and provider will not take place anytime soon. This could be due to a variety of circumstances if analysts are correct or it could be a much bigger problem from the iPhone as the Google Android is said to be a formidable opponent for the popular iPhone.

The problem with Verizon getting the iPhone comes in the form of conflicting business. Apple has iTunes, while Verizon has V Cast and the App Store on the iPhone is an area in which Verizon wants to create its own network so there arises some conflicts. There is also the Google Android problem to deal with. The Motorola Droid is big competition for the iPhone and since Google and Verizon have a Droid deal it brings another conflict with the Verizon/iPhone deal.

While Verizon has opposing services and products to the iPhone one wonders if they will ever be able to work out a deal. There are analysts who believe a deal can be reached in 2010 while others say it may be as long as 2012 before we see an iPhone from Verizon.

Also, with new applications coming from Google Android and supposed applications that the iPhone can’t handle at the present time, many see the iPhone at a point where it may fall behind the Android within the next few years, if not sooner, especially since Google is supposed to be working on their own handset for Android.

Google Android has many opponents that say they will never overtake the iPhone, and Apple has the means to combat Google, but one wonders if these people who are dismissing Google’s Android phone are the same ones that said the iPhone would never survive.  There are millions of iPhone users who may make the switch soon.  It seems to be the case that Google has struck spot gold with this operating system as individual cell phone users seem to love it.