Holiday Retail Sales Drop For November, Electronics and Online Shopping Boost Sales

Holiday sales for retail items like clothing and most luxury items fell but the electronics sellers and online shopping saw good numbers. The report that sales were up on Black Friday and consumers spent even more on Cyber Monday gave a positive report to a struggling retail world, but it seems the month of November as a whole has brought little to boast about.

Some analysts feel the numbers that accounted for good sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the result of excellent deals on merchandise and the reason sales dropped overall for November is due to consumers waiting for the holidays to draw closer so they can take advantage of deals then as well.

With electronics sales there has been a strategy in the works for a while as companies like Nintendo and Playstation lowered the price of their consoles and released popular titles close to Christmas.

However, retail giants like Wal-Mart are giving some electronics retailers, more specifically game sellers like GameStop, trouble due to the drastic lowering of prices on games, consoles, and offering incentives. Despite this move, sellers like GameStop still seem to be able to compete as they too have lowered prices.

There is hope that as Christmas nears retailers will offer better deals and this will offset the trepidation of consumers and bring more capital to the retail world. Online shopping seems to be doing well this year, so retailers are going to have to find ways to combat these online merchants, as the holidays grow closer.

Some in Columbia Mississippi will look to take advantage of some great Black Friday sales opportunities.  Unfortunately, they will have to remain patient as other sales and deals will be released first.  Patience is often the key when it comes to getting the lower prices on a car, truck, HD TV or appliance.