Family Health Insurance Premiums Up 5% For 2009

In 2009 the average premium for a family health insurance plan from an employer went up 5% from last year making the average yearly premium $13,375. Many see this increase in health insurance premiums versus the amount worker’s wages rose as excessive. Both businesses and workers seem to be hurt by these rises and although politicians seem to differ on the health care bill they all agree that these health insurance premiums are unnecessary.

Another problem with those who have these outlandish health insurance premiums is the deductibles that many have to pay. Deductibles are on the rise as well and it’s hurting the workers who don’t use their insurance as much as others and the rising cost of the health insurance premiums is causing employers to give some of the burden to employees.

American isn’t the healthiest nation on the planet, some are unhealthier than others, but the health care industry seems to be using the shotgun method when it comes to premiums. The cost of health care is in the trillions and those who often use or abuse the health care system are usually given the blame for such high premiums, but should everyone have to pay so much?

Many workers are unfairly locked into their employer’s health insurance plan and if you want even the least bit of quality in your insurance plan then you are going to have to pay steeply for it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if heath insurance premiums for the year were like a security deposit? If you had outrageous premiums throughout the year and didn’t go to the doctor or your visits cost a fraction of what you paid then you get money back. That might cut the complaining and income loss of millions of people, but health insurance is a business, which means money is king, no matter if the services paid for are not needed.

In the coming months many will likely seek some type of investments.  The price of gold in June 2012 has skyrocketed with the economic turmoil going on in Europe.  If individuals can save money on their health insurance they may think to sink this extra cash into gold bars or gold coins.  It should be interesting to see where people are investing this summer.