Mobile Phone Wars: Google Android Phone Apps Set To Compete With The iPhone

Google Android is walking into a war zone of mobile phones and its creators are hoping to be the only mobile phone left standing. The 3G network wars over the past weeks between Verizon and Apple are well documented, as the main focus of a phone’s greatness seems to be the apps (or applications for the mobile phone illiterate).

Google Android seeks to overtake the iPhone on the variety and the usefulness of applications on the phone and Google is constantly developing new programs, software, and apps that will do amazing things with sight, sound, and touch.

The iPhone got the jump on the Google Android as Apple claims over 100,000 apps for the iPhone, but Google Android seems to be looking to produce very high quality apps versus high quantity.

Yet, even this focus on quality is going to be a hard battle with the iPhone as they have produced applications on the cutting edge of technology. One can hold their iPhone up to the radio and the phone will get the song playing for you in an instant. However, all the iPhone apps aren’t as golden as others. For instance, the annoying sounds application does little to technologically further society.

However, Google and Apple are emerging companies that not only know how to make current technology great, but they can also make great technology and some new ideas from Google Android are going to work in tandem with the Google search engine. An example in an article on says that supposedly a Google Android user who needs information about a building, street, or place need only take a picture of a sign associated with their location and Google will send them the information.

When giants like these compete products will grow and apps will only get better, so no matter the outcome of these mobile phone wars, the consumer is going to be able to walk away as the winner in the end.  When looking for a new mobile phone some will look to see which has the best app market.  In fact, some may look for home buyer and home purchase interest rate apps so they can better track their finance.  Note that most operating systems have many apps like this.