Google Changes The Way Visitors View Online News Sources

Lately, online news sources have attacked Google and charged the search giant with taking revenue and allowing content to be seen by anyone on sites that normally charge to view news. Google has appeased these news sources who have been crying foul and will only allow content from these pay-news sites to be viewed five times in one day before the searcher is prompted to pay for an article.

Many meet this move by Google with both confusion and satisfaction and both sides of this debate between the search engine and news media have clear points but which is more logical?

When a site has content which it charges users to view it is understandable when that particular news source is upset when users can see this content for free on Google News. However, the amount of revenue these news sources feel they are losing can’t compare to the amount of traffic that Google sends their way, so the question then becomes: what is better, payouts or traffic?

Obviously, many would argue that payouts from users are vital, but there are thousands of news sites and blogs that have made money because they have huge amounts of traffic on their site. For instance, Facebook gets its billions in worth from the amount of eyes that pass that site each day and newspapers have always made their money from ads, which means the more people who see a news source, the more revenue from advertisements.

Yet, many online publishers don’t believe this and feel they are being ripped off so Google has changed the way some news is viewed through it’s search engine. This has led many to wonder why Google would placate these news sources when there is so much content on Google anyway.

Some may call it good business and others may see this as a testament to the power of the online media world, but it seems to be nothing more than a kind act by Google. If news sources wish to remove their content from Google then there is another site ready to take their place and in the end Google will still thrive in the world of news.

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