New North Carolina Laws Over Texting And License Plate Frames Go Into Effect

A new set of North Carolina laws now ban texting and license plate frames that cover the state name or expiration plate date on the plate. Many people are understandable about the texting ban but others wonder why license plate frames have to go.

There are no arguments against texting while driving, as it seems to be just as bad, if not worse than drunk driving in some cases. Talking on a cell phone while driving hinders a driver’s ability but when you bring texting into the situation the matter only worsens. With texting there is an activity going on other than driving and the texter takes his or her eyes off the road for periods of time that are unsafe to say the least.

If the texting ban is strictly enforced then roads will only be safer as texting while driving isn’t a skill at which one ever becomes an expert. However, many are arguing over the plate frames and the uselessness of the law. Many say that lawmakers have bigger worries than a license plate frame and the law is sure to spark angry protests when the year of warnings end and fines are handed out.

No matter the feelings of the public on these new laws they are in effect and will carry fines up to $230. However, the only thing that needs to be done is to remove plate frames and keep your cell phone out of your hand while driving. If that call or text is important enough then get off the road.

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