Job Bill Vote By December 18th As Congress Seeks Unemployment Solutions

A job bill is in the works as Congress and the White House look for solutions in the unemployment crisis and hope for a vote by the 18th of December. There is no arguing that the job market is one of the slowest recovering sectors from the recession but it is probably the most vital area as the economy needs money circulating from consumers and the citizens of our nation need jobs so they can help keep the economy moving.

There are some worries about the job bill and the solutions that may be proposed, which lead many to believe that unless Congress and the White House move at a rapid pace they will not get a bill or vote ready before December 18th.

Some of the proposals and problems for the job bill is the cost that any proposal may bring. The country is in debt, simply put, and many believe more spending is not going to be in the best interest of the nation as a whole. However, with the staggering amount of unemployment and the importance of the job market to the nation and the economy there are some who believe that there is nothing that shouldn’t be tried so that jobs will begin to open again.

Suggestions of tax credits or tax breaks to employers who hire new workers may be an aspect of the job bill but there are people who believe that employers will, plainly put, falsify their records to take advantage of the tax credit without really hiring new workers or helping undo the unemployment problem we’re facing.

Dealing with the unemployment problem on a state level can be a possible solution as the jobless rate from state to state varies, but many states are struggling in their budgets and can do little to entice employers to hire.

There is also the problem of employers that the job bill must address before December 18th. Many employers are finding that they can make a profit and run their company despite losing workers and these employers are hesitant to rehire. If employers feel they can do business with fewer workers then why would they spend more on payroll to hire new workers?

Congress has a daunting task ahead because the job bill is going to have to be their best work yet since the economy and nation rest in the hands of the citizens. If people have no income then the economy can’t prosper and will stall, if not revert to a recession.

Come back to in the following days and weeks to track the job bill’s progression.  Jobs have gotten much better in the US but that does not mean that some are not seeking sales and deals opportunities.  This site offers some great observations on current economic trends and the prices of products.  It might be smart to wait for the most popular sales such as July 4th, Labor Day and Black Friday.