Huffington Post Calls Out Rupert Murdoch On Conflict With Google

In an article on Huffington Post the conflict between Google and Rupret Murdoch appears to have reached the blogging world as the disagreement over content Murdoch owns is used on Google. Murdoch has become the figure in the focus over the use of media on the internet. Google is the dominate force in online searching and if anyone wants their content to be found then Google must be an ally, but Rupret Murdoch seems to feel differently.

The Huffington Post article mentions the error of Rupret Murdoch’s notion to remove content from Google and cites this idea as a “fundamental lack of understanding of the web and how it works.”

Also, the idea of removing news content from Google is seen as foolish by many because the newspaper industry is hurting, and seen as dying by some, as it competes with online news content, so it would stand to reason that news publishers like Rupret Murdoch would embrace online media.

The Huffington Post article goes on to speak of news content in general and contradicts what appears to be Murdoch’s stance against Google. When one news source publishes a story that news isn’t the sole content of that source. Obviously, an article can’t be repeated word-for-word, but the content or a story that someone makes people pay for is allowed to be reported and given for free by other sources, like Google News.

Also, Google has so much content and so many news sources reporting on similar topics that one news source disappearing will never hurt Google, only that news source being removed.

News producers, like Rupret Murdoch may have disagreements with Google, but they can’t deny the fact Google brings traffic. No matter the outcome of the conflcit between Mr. Murdoch and Google, and no matter how many people want to deny it, the online news industry is thriving and anyone who wants their news content to be seen must have search engines like Google on their side.

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