COBRA Subsidy Expiration and Health Insurance Benefits Become Bigger Problem For Unemployed

The COBRA subsidy and other forms of health insurance benefits are set to expire and raise insurance premiums to levels unaffordable by those still under the plight of unemployment. Many workers who were laid off were still under the COBRA plan, which provided health insurance, but those benefits have come to an end and will seemingly leave hordes of unemployed without health insurance or facing premiums so costly that it will affect their livelihood.

Another problem is the cost of COBRA benefits or any health insurance for the unemployed for that matter is going to well exceed the income from unemployment and despite unemployment benefits extensions there looks to be little alternative at this point.

The COBRA health insurance benefits have been aiding many Americans but the fact that the subsidy’s end will put so many in the category of uninsured is another testament to the problem of unemployment and the toll it’s taking on our nation.

Many areas of the economy have been attacked and turned around, are looking up, or said to be no longer under the strains of the recession, except unemployment. New jobs must be created before any part of the economy can survive or thrive for that matter. So much of the economy like the housing market, banking, investing, retail, and insurance is dependant upon consumers being able to afford products and services and that ability to afford anything or circulate capital is hindered greatly in the face of such a large amount of unemployment in our country.

Insurance benefits programs like COBRA have been helpful but they couldn’t last forever and we are now, again, looking at the source of so many losing health care or facing insurmountable premiums all because of unemployment and a weak job market.  Even though the overall economy has gotten better and COBRA is no longer such a big issue many are still looking for ways to save money.  One way to save is to find the best sales.  Appliances are a must have for most families but some don’t need the newest Sears Kenmore refrigerator that is over $2000.  Sometimes individuals will be best suited to buy a used appliance of Craigslist.