Black Friday Sales Numbers Slightly Up; Good Sign For The Economy?

Sales numbers for Black Friday were up slightly, which in the tough economic times we find ourselves that is a positive sign, but are these sales numbers a sign the economy is growing? Many sight the buying smarts of retailers and the advertising blitz for the positive results on Black Friday. Many retailers’ strategic purchasing of merchandise and advertising, coupled with not discounting too much is said to have been the key for the rise in sales for Black Friday. However, is there more to the rise in Black Friday sales than retailer prowess?

With the economy showing positive numbers and many analysts saying we are on the road to recovery more and more each day there still remains the unemployment problem. However, since so many are out of work and many others are tight with finances it was expected that the Black Friday and holiday season sales numbers were going to be low and retailers will be hurting for profit. Yet, it seems that Americans have adapted to the tough times after a year of cutbacks, financial troubles, and monetary heartbreak.

People are looking for a break from living a life of leanness and going without so despite predictions to the contrary, this holiday season, while not looking to be one where consumers spend in excess, could show positive growth for the simple fact that consumers have learned to live in their means and they want an opportunity to forget about the housing market, job market, banking, and Wall Street woes. Again, many feel this year will bring low numbers for retailers, but there’s always a chance people could be pleasantly surprised.

Before Black Friday many people will look for amazing sales and deals during July 4th.  Remember that July 4th is not the most popular holiday shopping event but there are plenty ways to save.  Where you are looking for a mattres from Mattress Firm or tires from Sams Club there will be options during the warm summer month.