Microsoft Combats Google On News, Search Market, and ChromeOS

Microsoft and Google are reportedly in a war in the online world and there are some huge factors at stake. An article by Newsweek says that Microsoft is combating Google with the news sources the site advertises, the general dominance of Google in the online search market, and over the new operating system Google is launching.

Google is said to benefit from news sources, gain revenue from ads, and the news sources gain no profit. This is one area Microsoft is attacking by asking these news sources to remove their content from Google in the hopes that more traffic would be directed to Microsoft’s search engine but this seems to be a dead end due to the vast amount of search traffic Google receives and it’s general knowledge that when Google advertises a website traffic follows.

Google has taken over the world of online searches and as the company grows and expands it stands to reason they are going to continually become a more dominant force in the online search industry. However, this comes as no surprise to many as Google has become a byword for search.

However, the Google endeavor that is said to oppose Microsoft is the operating system, ChromeOS. Google’s operating system is said to be of no worry to Microsoft but when few people can tell you the name of the Microsoft search engine one wonders if perhaps Google may be true competition for Microsoft.

Microsoft products have been a staple in homes for years, but with Google on such a rise there may be more options for operating systems, email, and a variety of other programs and hardware in the computer and online world.  Although Microsoft is trying to get into every business it looks like Google has a set business plan.  When looking to save money most companies don’t think about their future but it looks like Google has done this quite well.