Cyber Monday Deals and Bargains; Online Sales Compete With Black Friday

Cyber Monday is said to be the new Black Friday in terms of bargains and there are some touting Cyber Monday as the avenue through which a major part of retail revenue will be generated this season. There are supposedly deals on Cyber Monday that will last the whole day, offer free shipping, huge discounts on specific products, and even sales that will last only an hour or so. However, as some look to Cyber Monday as a saving grace for the holiday retail season others still believe the sales from Black Friday are the true tell of how the remaining holiday season sales will go and retail sales in the beginning of the year.

Some see Cyber Monday sales as an inaccurate gauge of the economy as the majority of retail capital comes from Black Friday and online sales are minimal at best. Analysts see online sales only bringing in money due to the convenience of shopping online and the fact that people are very far removed from having to hand over cash and they tend to spend more than they would in a store. Also, online retailers are offering merchandise for less and are throwing shipping costs out the window for the day and this seems to be the only reason online sales are increasing.

Others feel that online shopping is slowly replacing Black Friday and traditional holiday shopping in general simply because it’s simple. Cyber Monday is said to be second in line to Black Friday but the deals offered online are often cheaper, rarely out-of-stock, and there is a wider selection. Also, Cyber Monday has less hassle than Black Friday and this is probably the biggest reason online shopping has been on the rise for the past ten years since there are no traffic jams, lines, crowded parking lots, and angry customers when shopping online.

No matter if Cyber Monday stands as the competition against Black Friday for retail dollars, in a struggling economy any capital gained for retailers is going to be beneficial and many hope that positive numbers for retailers will reflect true recovery for the economy. Keeping an eye out for deals at various online retailers can be beneficial for not only consumers but also retailers.

Finding amazing furniture sales and deals has been very popular in the last several years.  Unfortunately, some shoppers do not think to wait until major holidays and they miss out on the bargains.  Rather than paying full price for any one item it would be smart to look at several sales opportunities at local and regional dealers.