Will Google Wave Be Better Than Email?

Google Wave is the emerging idea from the Google empire and this new initiative is said to be the one thing that actually has a chance of replacing email. Google has made leaps and bounds in the online world but there are critics that site past failures from Google who believe the Google Wave is going to fizzle out before it catches fire. However, there seems to be something more to this Google Wave project and there are many who believe Google Wave will be the next big thing.

While many are uncertain as to what Google Wave is from presentations and reports it seems the components that make up Google Wave have long been established as user-loved programs.

Google wave is said to combine e-mail and instant messaging, among other things, and would allow users to start a “wave” or message and share with others who would then add to the original message and be able to post text and pictures where others can see in real time in the Google Wave window or on sites like blogs.

Instant messenger services and email are obsessions for many people and society today loves communication via programs like email and instant messenger so Google Wave seems to be taking these well-loved services and combining them while adding perks and benefits that may just shove email and instant message services into the shadows.

Google has passed on Wave and is now looking to Google+.  Furniture retailers like Big Lots might be smart to jump on this opportunity as it could help them rank much better for furniture related keywords.  It will be very interesting to see how they progress with their strategy in the near future.