Airline Industry and Thanksgiving Travel: Will The Airline Industry Profit Over The Holidays?

The airline industry looks to family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as some of, if not the, busiest times of the year. Yet, with a year in recession what is the airline industry doing to generate profits this holiday season, which is certain to bring less flyers?

Many companies in the airline industry are cutting back on seats and introducing new fees and fares. There are fewer seats on most planes but they are still expected to be full and there are charges for traveling during peak times during the year, bag fees, and various other rates airlines are using to boost profit.

However, airline industry officials say the passengers are going to see no big increases in costs for traveling but the airline industry must keep up with things like fuel prices and with an industry that has struggled so much over the past year they aren’t able to offer dirt-cheap airline tickets.

There are positives from some of the changes coming from the airline industry. One benefit from the seating cutbacks is the airports are predicted to be less crowded then normal so holiday travelers hope that frustration and airline problems will be few.

Those in the airline industry say they are expecting full planes and a good season in the coming weeks, but with so few looking to travel this season the airline industry may have to offer discounts or suffer loss for their holiday numbers.

Despite tough times over the past year the airline industry looks to be continuing the fight to keep afloat as the economy recovers. Many feel the airline industry’s financial health relates to the job market as business and personal travel are down due to cutbacks, layoffs, and businesses going under.

Expectations for holiday air travel seem optimistic as many from the airline industry give the impression that all is well, but if a cheap flight is what you’re in the game for then the chances of finding a low fare may be easier this year than ever before.  While traveling some will think about Black Friday in Cleveland, Ohio as there are plenty of shopping opportunities.  Remember to do plenty or research before deciding on shopping at Best Buy, WalMart or Target.  There are always plenty of great options available.