Employment Forecast For College Graduates In 2010; Are Internships The Answer?

College graduates in 2010 are looking at a mixed employment forecast, which could lead some into new and lucrative jobs and others begging for work. The job market is the next focus for congress and based on predictions in a report at money.cnn.com there are mixed feelings about the future of college graduates when they walk the stage, pick up their degree, and are ushered into the world in 2010.

Overall it looks like there will be a fall in the amount of college graduates employed next year, no matter their degree. Obviously, specialized degrees, PhDs, and degrees in up and coming careers, mostly environmental/agricultural related, look to have excellent potential for job openings. Also, it is believed that smaller companies may hire more college graduates than larger organizations, so the competition may be tough.

However, while in college, any student looking down the line for employment should consider interning. Internships are not the most glorious form of employment, if you can even call it that, but the majority of internship programs offer at least one of two perks, if not both.

One benefit of an internship is experience. Some internships pay, some don’t, but a college student can gain practice in their major and have practical experience on a resume when they are seeking employment. Secondly, some internships not only offer experience, which is quite valuable on its on, but there are companies that will simply hire an intern right out of college. An internship is filling a position at a company and if the college intern does well then the company sees it as a waste to let the intern go and retrain someone for that job.

Concerning the job market, it is hoped Congress or employers will find a solution to the trepidation over creating new job creation. However, if the job market still looks bleak in 2010, a college student needs to take preemptive action and gain skill, experience, and be looking for an opening down the road if their major isn’t probable to be heavily recruited for employment. Career counselors and internship opportunities are available to any college student in any field and it is never too early to begin thinking about one’s future.

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