Congress To Address Job Creation As Job Market Shows Little Recovery

Congress finally plans to address job creation as the rate of job market recovery is almost nonexistent. With battles over healthcare, real estate and banks, executive pay, and other economic woes taking up the attention of most individuals, it is unemployment that is the true problem in our country and when a solution or recovery begins in the job market all things will follow suit.

Job creation is a vital action that needs to take place in our nation but with the slow job recovery rate many point to one of two main reasons people are still unemployed. One reason is that the nation isn’t really out of the recession and businesses simply can’t hire workers and businesses that closed cannot reopen. The second reason for slow recovery in the job market is caution. There has been no new job creation because employers feel they are seconds away from slipping back into a recession and many employers have found that they can do just as much or more with fewer employees since there have been so many layoffs in the past months.

Either way, there is a desperate need for jobs. Unemployment extension has greatly helped many individuals and the many programs Congress has put into practice have aided those whose income has been reduced, but this is basically easing the pain and without curing the cause. Job creation in a time other economic areas are growing will only provide better results overall.

Congress is looking to pass legislations that will open more public jobs and provide tax credits to employers who hire new workers. However, job creation legislation may not come all that quickly as members of Congress debate specifics and try to protect employers from taking advantage of perks like the tax credit.

Congress has been dealing with major issues over the past year, and longer, but the solution is job creation. Consumers prop up 70% of the economy and while debates rage over executives receiving millions despite failing companies, housing problems, and banks going under, job loss has added more fuel for the economic wildfire.

Job creation to repair the slowly recovering job market is going to steer the ship away from the rocks. Americans who have a stable and secure income will rejuvenate banks, the housing market, the stock market, and retailers. Why the issue of job creation has taken so long to be addressed is unknown, but the sooner employers and Congress take the steps to help the countless numbers of unemployed in this nation the faster we can return to a prosperous and peaceful economy.

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