Unemployment and Hunger In America; Over 14% Of American Homes Struggle For Food

Hunger in America is something that is rarely thought of and seems like an impossibility in a nation where there is plenty of all things and supposedly for all people. When arguments over housing, unemployment, banks and millions of dollars in bonus money are in the news, most Americans think hunger isn’t an issue for families.

The main cause for the rise of hunger in America is unemployment and as the job market seems to be getting worse, or at best not moving at all, bringing food to the table isn’t something most people consider to be an issue due to most unemployed individuals hoping to just keep a home in which to bring food. However, the number of families who are going hungry in America is on the rise and organizations that combat hunger in America feel that there will be even more families who are going hungry in the months to come.

With companies and executives making millions and even billions during the course of a year—and some do this in spite of their failing business—it’s hard to imagine that in America people are still in such a state that hunger is a problem. With fast food chains, meals for $5, restaurants, and grocery stores on every corner many feel that numbers for those going hungry in America are surely not accurate, but the truth is the number of homes going hungry is worse than reported.

News organizations report numbers on the recession, stocks, and even unemployment, but rarely mentioned are the 17 million homes going hungry throughout the year. These very real, almost tangible costs of the recession on the American public are ignored, or at best mentioned in news segments lasting on seconds, but hunger in America, as with unemployment must be addressed.

Americans are unemployed and going hungry while debates rage about bailouts, executives, bonuses, and healthcare. Repairing America should begin with its people rather than institutions. Any free market proponent will tell you to let businesses sort themselves out, even if it means they crash under their own weight. However, pushing hunger in America and unemployment to the back seat in favor of issues that aren’t vital for American survival is going to cause more problems than solutions.

The Coolidge AZ area had a historically high unemployment rate throughout much of the recession.  Many areas in Arizona, California and New Mexico have recovered but it is still the case that some are looking for ways to save money and make life easier.  Sometimes it is as simple as getting several jobs and working very hard.