Google Buys Online Phone Company; Could Be Trouble For Competing Phone Companies

Google has purchased an online phone company, called Gizmo5, and may be the rising force in phone companies in America. Verizon and AT&T are two of the biggest and streamlined service providers but Google seems to be positioning to become one of those phone service providers but with the possibility of coming in with vastly cheaper costs to the consumers.

Google’s purchase of the online phone company would work similarly to programs like the popular Skype, but with the Google network and technology it could result in cheaper or even free calling within the U.S. and internationally as well.

The details of the purchase were made public last week but Google’s intentions on what they are going to do with the online phone company haven’t been made clear just yet. However, there is sure to be backlash from the big wireless companies.

Wireless companies have such a stronghold on Internet access through their phones it could bring about a battle where Google seeks to provide ultra-cheap online calling while the big wireless companies look to prevent customers from switching services or taking advantage of the online phone service by Google.

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