Unemployment Benefits Extension, Elections; Are Americans Happy With Politics The Way It Is Now?

Elections held on Tuesday brought victory for both Democrats and Republicans but there was little indication that Americans favor one party over another, or one party’s ideas for the direction of our nation over the other, so the question remains are Americans happy with the current state of our government?

Unemployment is a problem that affects the majority of Americans. Few worry about stocks, businesses, or who needs a big bailout because in truth millions of unemployed Americans need some free money from the government. With the extension of unemployment benefits it seems congress is doing what it can to help unemployed men and women stay afloat, but what is needed is jobs. Some figures state that for every 5 unemployed people there is only 1 available job, so the unemployment benefits extension is prolonging the inevitable if things don’t change.

Change is exactly what both Democrats and Republicans keep touting but with such heated partisan politics over every matter and potential solution raised is anything getting done? Election results on Tuesday were the focus for both parties with both sides claiming a clear message was sent to the opposing party about people wanting change. The current economic state was blamed on the Republicans and the Bush Administration, but less than a year into Obama’s presidency the Democrats are being warned that Americans are not too happy with the way things are creeping along.

So, are the elections from Tuesday a sign that people are already fed up with the current administration or were the election results of little consequence? Also, is the extension of unemployment benefits going to help in the long run or is it just a stay of execution?

With the unemployment rate down drastically over the last few years it comes as no surprise that many are looking for ways to spend hard earned money.  Unfortunately, some are looking for Georgia installment loans as a way to continue to get through troubled times.  For every 10 people that are employed there is still one that is unemployed.  The number might even be a little bit higher than this if you look deep into the data.