Unemployment: The Result Of The Recession, Impossible Hiring Standards or Unqualified Jobseekers?

Unemployment is now the slowest area of recovery coming out of the recession and with Congress feeling the extension of unemployment benefits may be necessary it seems the unemployment problem is everyone’s problem. However, in a report on cnnmoney.com it was stated that a survey Human Capital Institute and TheLadders says that employers are having trouble finding candidates to fill jobs. Many employers are saying there are very few qualified candidates and the results are open jobs.

However, many jobseekers are saying the job qualifications are outlandish, unreasonable, and the amount of duties, responsibilities, and specific standards disqualify the vast majority of applicants and the compensation for such jobs is well below reasonable. Many Human Resource departments use software to sort through applications seeking specific words or they have such specific qualifications and requirements that no one can fill the job.

For instance, think of a college graduate who is just out of school looking for work. Yes, experience is necessary, but hardly vital in every job. In many cases critical thinking weighs more than experience and someone out of college ready to work will have little experience and be considered unqualified for a number of jobs according to HR departments. Yet, with so much on-the-job training and the obvious fact that few newly hired employees can walk into a job without some form of orientation, are the specifics employers are looking for realistic?

People who have similar experience or an education above what is required are sometimes passed over because they don’t meet the specifics, but are employers right to be so stringent in qualifications? There are jobs out there that require vast amounts of experience and no amount of education will make up for lack of real-world knowledge. Also, isn’t it slowing a company down to hire someone who doesn’t meet all the requirements and then have to bring them up to speed and teach them on the job? Or, does on the job training benefit a company seeing as how they can mold an employee to perform the job in a way the company sees fit?

Is there something wrong with Human Resource departments in their requirements for certain jobs or the unemployed men and women of our nation simply unqualified for the jobs that need to be filled? Should jobseekers be given the chance at certain jobs despite not meeting the laundry list of specifications? Are employers too strict in hiring or are the majority of jobseekers simply unqualified?  Many unemployed Florida residents are likely seeking information on Gadsden County Medicaid Help.  There are a number of great resources available online but it might be best to check out medicaidoptions.net.