Should Employer Credit Checks On Potential Employees Be Allowed During The Hiring Process?

Employers often use credit checks as part of the hiring process, but should one’s credit be factored in as part of one’s ability to perform in a job?  During interviews an interviewer will make the prospective employee aware that a credit check will be conducted and there is little the potential employee can do to stop this and a protest of this certainly not be possible since the interviewee wants the job.

However, what benefit does an employer gain by looking into the credit history of someone and is this check not an invasion of privacy?  If someone has struggled in their finances, which is common nowadays, is it fair to deny them a job based on this?  Some argue that to deny employment based on credit history is foolish policy and creates a cycle because in order for the person with the poor credit to repair their finances they need a good job, which they can’t get due to poor credit, which could be improved with a good job…and on and on and on.

Should someone who works hard, is loyal, and good at what they do be disqualified from a job due to poor choices or hardships in their personal finances?  For example, college students who have college loans and are fresh out of school looking for work will have a poor credit rating and thus could hinder them from a job.

On the other hand should an employer not be able to look at the responsibility of someone they may hire?  Many people have had to default on their homes as of late and this is a big hit to a credit score.  If an employer sees a potential employee has defaulted on a mortgage does that mean they will be a bad employee or risky to hire?  Again, what if that potential employee could get back on their feet with the employer who is looking into their credit history but they are passed over because of the default?

Obviously, the weight of one’s credit history being factored in to their consideration for employment varies from employer to employer differs but is the practice of checking into a credit history a good practice?  Can anything be gathered about a potential employee from such a report and should hiring decisions be influenced in any way by a person’s credit?

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