EDITORIAL: Economic Recovery, Unstable Stock Market, Increasing Unemployment, Worried Consumers, and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The state of the economy, stock market, job market, and various other aspects of our economy differ in their status from day to day. If you watch or read the news online on any particular day you will find either our country is on the mend, doing great, and out of the recession but any other day you will find that the bottom is falling out and things are going from bad to worse.

Recently, most of the news comes from the retail sector in regards to consumers. Stocks and retail organizations are reported on daily as either doing well or looking bleak and these two types of reports seem to trade places in the headlines from day to day. However, is the slow economic recovery we are facing our own fault? When there are reports of low consumer confidence affecting retail companies or stocks reported to go lower people tend to go with what is reported. If you own or want to invest in the stock market but the great revelators say everything is going lower and no one will be buying merchandise this holiday season, does this not bring about those exact results? When fewer people invest when it’s reported stocks are losing value then stocks begin to drop.

Also, to state that retailers aren’t going to profit as much this holiday season is pure speculation which people are buying into and, again, slowing profitability and investing gains by waiting for things to reportedly get better. Well, the fact is that if negative reports continue then negative results will follow. Our nation can’t stand back and wait for the economy to recover before we begin investing and spending again, because for full recovery to take place investing and spending must take place. Bailouts and government programs are helpful and have done some good, but overall confidence in America’s ability to recover by consumers, investors, and employers will be the solution to the troubled economy.

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