Reports On Unemployment For 2009 and Early 2010 Look Positive

With unemployment close to 10% many feel the economy’s slow recovery is nothing compared to the slow crawl of the job market recovery. However, a recent report from National Association for Business Economics claims the job market is looking up and in the latter part of 2009 and early 2010 there will be gains in the employment sector and there seems to be no downturn once employment begins to rise again.

Hiring is expected to rise and consumer spending increase, which is good news as the holidays near and retailers worry their profits for the holiday season are going to be at a low. Half of the companies surveyed said they are seeing an increase in demand for their products and foresee either hiring more employees or they are on solid enough ground that no lay-offs will occur.

There are those who feel the economy is on a more unstable foundation and true unemployment is higher than reported. Many feel that with the policies in place the government is creating a debt large enough to scare away foreign investors and therefore causing our dollar to devalue, which is going to lead to further economic problems in the near future.

The opinions on the job market are as divided as congress but with this report concerning unemployment coming from businesses it is hopeful. If companies are looking to hire, or at least no longer have to lay-off, then that is an excellent sign for the job market. With all the policies in place to help Americans get back on their feet, surely it’s time for things to start looking up.

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