New Regulations for Firms “Too Big To Fail,” Too Much Government Involvement or Not Enough?

New regulations are in the works from legislation for the financial institutions that are said to be “too big to fail” but some wonder if this action by government undermines the capitalist ideals and practices of our nation or if more needs to be done. The big companies that were given bailouts are the institutions that are targeted in this new legislation seeing as how they are deemed too important to the economy to fail if an economic crisis of this magnitude occurs again. Since most of the blame for the current economic woes has been laid at the feet of these institutions many feel strict regulations are in order to prevent the seemingly careless operations of these firms.

The thought is if a company is seen as too big to fail then they are going to take more risk and build a greater chance for error and economic collapse if they know the government is going to be there to save them. So, accountability is the main focus of legislation that will be proposed in the near future. Essentially, companies would have to run within the confines of their assets and not reach beyond their grasp in terms of business operations. Creditors would not be able to control these companies like they have in the past, but the government would oversee much of the business practices and the institution’s actions and operations would be more public so foreseeable mistakes can be averted.

Seizing a firm on the verge of going under is what the new legislation seeks to make easier for the government, but many worry about the intrusion. There is little argument that in troubled times like these such authority by the government is needed since these big firms are taking money for mistakes they made that cost most of Americans a decent way of life. However, opponents of the legislation say that during the good times the government has too much power to simply swoop in and clean house on a company.

Is the new legislation necessary or too much? It’s obvious that something needs to be done to prevent another collapse from occurring at the hands of the “top talent” in these companies that are “too big to fail” but should those changes and regulations come from the government or elsewhere? Other suggestions have been made about controlling the damaging actions of these big companies but waiting is all that can be done presently seeing as how the legislation has yet to be introduced.

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