Default On Commercial Real Estate Mortgages Likely; Will This Halt Economic Recovery?

Commercial real estate mortgages may be the next economic problem to overcome. Many lenders for commercial real estate property fear commercial property owners will default on their mortgages due to short terms on most commercial property mortgages coupled with the economic hardships. Home loans are the majority of the real estate market and with the long timeframes for which home loans are issued it is easier to adjust and modify home loans without causing too many problems, but commercial real estate holds a higher value because they are to be repaid in the short term and banks, especially the smaller institutions, are securing many loans on these commercial real estate mortgages.

If a bank secures loans with these commercial real estate mortgages and that mortgage comes due then it can be a domino effect if the commercial property owner cannot pay their mortgage payment. Banks are slow to refinance because of the loss they may take or the fact the commercial property owner may not be able to afford the cost of refinancing. If a commercial property owner can make payments then banks can hold off on any drastic action. However, the problem with commercial real estate doesn’t seem to be in line with the residential home loan problems, meaning there will not be a vast amount of foreclosures. Yet, if a commercial property owner has difficulty paying rent and the bank’s interest is to allow the property owner more time before refinancing or foreclosing then this will affect consumers.

Losses on commercial real estate could slow home loan, car, and credit card lending from the banks, which would yet again slow the economy since there will be less cash flow and spending. This, however, is the only option a bank has if the security for its loans becomes unstable.

The residential real estate crash was a drastic blow to the economy and in the worst-case scenarios this commercial real estate problem that is looming is going to be a repeat of the same problems. However, the FDIC and other organizations are aware of the pending problem and are looking at the best course of action to stave off any ill effect a commercial real estate crash may have. A solution has to be on the horizon because no matter the extent experts say, the economy is on the mend but a burst in the commercial real estate market might deal a deathblow if it occurs at this time.

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