Third-quarter Earnings From Banks Bring Mixed Results

The third-quarter earnings reports from the banking sector has been anticipated and watched closely by investors over the last week in the hopes that a positive report would prove that the economy is recovering. Some financial institutions reported better numbers for the third-quarter and stocks went up as a result but not everything was good across the board.

Many banks, while showing decent numbers, still report losses in the area of loans and credit as homeowners still struggle with mortgage payments and some homeowners still defaulting or redefaulting on their home loans.

Investor’s feelings are as mixed as the third-quarter earnings reports as many are slow in buying, choosing to wait out the economy a little longer. The consensus is the financial and banking sectors are improving but with other areas of the economy lagging banks aren’t earning as much as in the past so many want to ease back into their investing rather than jump right in at the present.

Things are up and down in the economy as a whole but these few positive numbers and investors returning to the market are a very welcome sight.  To avoid banks many buyers are looking to Craigslist and other classified websites to use cash.  In the south a large number of hard working individuals have decided to look for Craigslist Charlotte Used Cars as this allows them to make a cash transaction and avoid the car loan process.  Although this was not popular in the past things are changing after the “Great Recession.”