Unemployment Rate Numbers For 2009 Don’t Tell The Whole Story

The unemployment rate numbers for 2009 are presently around 9.8% but the truth is that “official” number doesn’t tell everything. There are a great number of unemployed individuals who are no longer receiving unemployment or were unable to receive unemployment benefits to begin with. Many Americans look at the current unemployment rate and think that it is bad news for the job market but the reality is the official unemployment rate number is lower then the true amount of unemployed individuals.

Those unemployed who are looking for jobs, have given up and retired, or who are unable to collect unemployment are not factored into the national unemployment rate figures. College students who are just coming out of college and have little credit, no job experience or unemployment built up, as well as college loans that have them starting out in debt is something that isn’t looked at when unemployment rate numbers are calculated.

On the other hand, men and women who have spent their adult lives working at a job only to be laid off are running out of unemployment benefits, if they haven’t already, and when those who have been drawing unemployment are no longer able to do so, the unemployment rate numbers look positive because less people are drawing an unemployment check. However, what fails to be seen in the unemployment rate numbers is the true amount of individuals who are not working but want a job. A positive spin can be put on an unemployment rate report that says less people are drawing unemployment but the truth is they simply can no longer do so.

There is nothing wrong with being hopeful for the future because for a lot of Americans that is all they can do at the present. Yet, our government, economists, and news media can no longer continue to act as if unemployment rate numbers for 2009 are looking better when in reality the percentage of those out of work is perhaps double the official average. Just because unemployment is no longer the flavor of the month doesn’t mean it is no longer an issue or a problem.

In early 2012 the unemployment rate has dropped significantly and much of this can be attributed to the great job that retail has done over the last few years.  With many people already looking for Discount Tire Memorial Day Mail in Rebates 2012 it comes as no surprise that a company like this is willing to hire new workers and expand.  This has been happening for several years.