Unemployment and New Jobs: Are Americans Afraid of Labor Jobs and Real Work?

Unemployment is on the rise, new jobs are hard to find and all these economic problems come from our new idea of what builds our country. In the beginning, our nation was founded on work. Labor jobs, which are real work, forged this country and set a young nation in motion to become one of the greatest countries in the world, but it seems we lost our ideals and fundamentals along the way. Decades ago captains of industry, business, oil, and the like all were making a lot of money but there was a product coming from their corporations. Moreover, these products were from the hands of men and women, trade workers and laborers, who got up each day, went to their job, and at the end of the day something had been accomplished. However, today things are drastically different and our nation’s foundation is built by softer hands on an unstable foundation.

Banking, investing and finance are the planks, hammers and nails that people use to build lives but what has it gotten the majority of our nation. Is it greed or simply an obsession with success that has changed the face of work in our nation? Men and women invest in securities, which essentially is a representation of something, like oil or property, upon whose future is gambled and profited. So, one can buy into the idea of the success or failure of an industry and make fortunes without lifting a finger. The same goes with stocks. Someone can buy shares of a company either for the good or bad and make money if the company succeeds or fails. Money is being made without work and on speculation and ideas.

During the times of industry if money was going to be made on an idea then there had to be work and a tangible product. A figure on paper is what it takes today for one to succeed but with the financial sector causing the Great Depression and what is now called the Great Recession, is it time to rethink our priorities and how we view work and success?

Never has the economy suffered when men and women were building and creating products, getting paid for their work, and in-turn putting that well-earned money back into the economy. A carmaker, clothing manufacturer, retail store, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians don’t have to power to topple an economy, but they actually provide a product or service that matters to and can aid the majority of the nation.

The financial sector is an incredible asset to our nation and can help monetarily secure someone’s future. However, what happened to an American being able to actually work, get something done, or ply a trade and have just as much as someone who deals in numbers on a page? Labor day is celebrated nationwide, but there’s no celebration for the investor or billionaire who can sit back and watch a ticker go by with the stock prices of the day. Websites by men like the Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe, www.mikeroweworks.com, are seeking to bring the blue collar worker back and allow Americans to make their living by actually doing something. If our country made a shift back to noble labor jobs then just maybe it would provide a much firmer foundation on which to build future generations.

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