New Job Openings and Obama Job Stimulus Keep Moving Forward To Combat Unemployment

The Obama stimulus plan has created new jobs and saved numerous others but with the unemployment rate still at 9.8% more obviously needs to be done to help struggling Americans. Many argue that the job market is the slowest to recover after a recession, but the rate at which the job market is recovering is causing many hardships in the form of loss of income, foreclosure, defaulting and redefaulting on home loans, and even being forced into the streets.

President Obama said that he and his administration wouldn’t stop working on the joblessness in the country until every American who wanted a job had one, but the process has been a slow, but beneficial one. Recently, the Obama administration has stated they are moving on with the job stimulus so as to create new jobs for Americans in desperate need of work. The specifics of the plan have not been stated and the idea of a second job stimulus package has yet to be mentioned, but the administration has said they are moving forward to create new jobs.

There are many who are against the government intervening in such a way to create jobs, citing the amount of debt taken on by the government is excessive and the money from the stimulus isn’t always going to create new jobs. Obviously, the partisan politics plays a large roll as well, with many governors refusing the money simply because they are affiliate with a different political party.

Critics and proponents are limitless and there are drawbacks and benefits to a stimulus program that creates new jobs. However, the rate at which the job market is recovering is causing a domino effect with the rest of the economy and vice versa. The Obama administration is trying to break the cyclical effect of the recession on all aspects of the economy, give people new jobs, and get the nation back on its feet, but it isn’t perfect. No matter your ideals, opinions, or political affiliation something needs to be done and simply criticizing provides no answers, just as pointing out a problem doesn’t solve it. In the end, when it comes to the unemployment rate and creating new jobs, the only things needed are definite, solid solutions.

During major holiday events throughout the year jobs seem to open up at many retailers.  With events such as Discount Tire Memorial Day Sales 2012 most retailers are willing to hire a few new employees.  It will be very interesting to see the job data as we head into the summer of 2012.