Company Earnings Reports for the Third-Quarter; Important To Investors As Economic Indicator

The third-quarter earnings reports of big companies are the focus for investors this week as a surge or even a minimal rise in profits and earnings are, to many, a more important indicator of the health of the economy. The earnings reports are due out soon so many investors are looking with hope to positive third-quarter numbers to show a true upswing on the economy.

Many people worry, though, that these third-quarter earnings reports will bring bad news because of credit card and commercial real estate losses, as well as consumers finding it more and more difficult to pay their bills on time, if at all.

Worries also come from the slow recovery in the job sector because that directly relates to spending from consumers. The job market has been very slow to recover and needs the economy, particularly businesses, to get on their feet and running again, but some feel this job dilemma will cause consumers to spend only on necessities, which would cause low numbers on third-quarter reports.

Regardless, all hope these third-quarter reports by large companies are good because, again, the average American out of work needs the job market to heal totally and that can only happen if the big businesses are profiting and ready to return to business as usual.  Many investors are looking to save money in other areas of life so they can invest more in the stock market.  Some investors in the southern part of the United States are seeking a Craigslist Miami Chevy Silverado to lower a monthly payment or completely eliminate it.  Even though prices of gas are going up some families and individuals still need a truck for work and travel.