Manufacturers Argue China’s Currency Value Artificially Low for Trade Advantages

The value of China’s currency is said to be artificially kept low in comparison to the dollar so that an advantage can be gained in regards to trade. China’s unwillingness to raise the value of its currency versus the U.S. dollar is one reason China excels in trade values.

If China’s currency values are low then it is cheaper to buy Chinese products and import them as well. If items from China are cheaper and companies can make more value for their dollar when trading with China then it stands to reason that most manufactures are going to go out of the United States.

Trade is a massive industry in every country and if China has purposely allowed its currency to stay low in relation to the U.S. dollar then sanctions are going to have to be made, but the question is have we as a country already sealed our fate by linking our economy so tightly with a nation who can manipulate currency to benefit themselves?

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