NASA Moon Crash Finds Questionable Signs of Water But Said to Be a Success

The moon crash by NASA has given mixed results by many who say there were signs of water and others who feel they hit a dry spot. The lunar crash was supposed to be a test for water on the moon, which is said by NASA officials to be needed if we are to send a shuttle missions to the moon in the future. The data from NASA will take time to be analyzed and NASA is saying the crash was a success but they are waiting to clear the images they received so that a more in-depth analysis can be made.

The NASA moon crash cost $79 million and is said, by those outside of NASA, to be a lackluster success at best. The reasons for looking for water, missions and possible colonization, are the justification for the spending but people have asked why water is needed for a mission when we supposedly went without on the first moon landing.

Many feel that during the tough economic times, crashing $79 million worth of equipment into the moon might be wasteful, but of course NASA officials see this as a vital process in steps toward future exploration.

Is this massive spending justified or has NASA too much money with which to play? People feel that colonization of the moon is a project on which we must focus for the earth may one day become uninhabitable. Perhaps though, if $79 million were spent every now and again to clean up our planet or simply help us earthlings out then we could stay on our planet a while longer without having to throw things at the moon to see if there’s water. It would seem, that when used responsibly, there is indeed enough earth and water for all to share.

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