Extension For First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Possible

An extension on the first time homebuyer tax credit looks like it may be possible as reposts of the program’s success reaches the ears of congress. The program has been a success so far and with the mortgage rates at an all time low there have been a great number of people buying houses who never would have had the opportunity had these programs not been put into place. The first time homebuyer tax credit is stated to end on December 1st but there are many who want the program extended to the end of the year if not longer. This decision is set to go before congress soon and many Americans want the extension.

With the job market recovering slower than the economy in general, specifically the housing market, many people who may be just starting to get back on their feet or need a little extra time to do so want the extension so they too can make the move to a home for the first time, just as many other first time homebuyers have done.

The extension for the first time homebuyers tax credit has been extended to oversees military members and many think that congress will follow suit to allow the tax credit to be extended stateside as well, but there are opponents of the tax credit who feel it is needlessly adding to the deficit and doing little to help the economy.

As with all issues there are two sides and both want their way, but few members of congress are first time homebuyers in need of this tax credit, in fact most have multiple homes so it would be interesting to see what the American public thinks on the subject. A poll at subprimeblogger.com is asking what the people think so if you want to register your opinion check it out.

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