Low Mortgage Interest Rates and Tax Credit Cause Rise in Mortgage Applications; Life in the Housing Market

Mortgage interest rates are staying low so people around the country are taking advantage as evidenced by the rise in mortgage applications. The interest rate on a mortgage is at a record low, being under 5%, and with the governmental tax credit program still in effect more people than ever are jumping into the housing market.

The housing market was slow in its recovery until mortgage interest rates began to freefall. Now mortgage interest rates are staying low enough that people who once couldn’t afford a home are being given the chance. The money from the tax credit program, which provides up to $8,000 to new homebuyers, is a draw for those who were unsure about purchasing a home. Also, with the continued low mortgage interest rates and the possibility of extending the tax credit, not to mention reports of a recovering economy, people are now confident to start living life again and making big changes in the process.

With all of the aid given to someone looking to buy a home, people are finding that such a low mortgage rate can actually make their mortgage payments lower then rent. What’s more, people in this situation are seeing buying a home as an investment. Since the housing market has such low prices at the current time there is really nowhere to go but up. Buying a home at the end of this recession, when mortgage payments are still low but sure to go up along with the price of a house, people can cheaply buy a home that is surely going to increase in value.

Checking with a mortgage company or realtor about available homes and prices isn’t a commitment but it is something to be considered in today’s housing market because its becoming easier for people who thought they couldn’t afford a home to do so and feel confident about being able to keep it due to the low mortgage rates. If one has the money and desire, now seems to be a time when a bit of good can come from a bad recession.

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