Private Residential Construction Is Beginning To Rise

Private residential construction is on the rise despite the forecast of construction being down.  It’s true that construction has slowed across the board but private residential construction has been at a crawl since September of 2008.  There were also dips in private residential construction spending in July and August but things look to be on the mend.

The increase in private residential construction and spending are excellent signs that the housing market is on the rebound.  With talks of the job market struggling and homeowners still having trouble making mortgage payments, news of rising residential construction is welcome and hopefully will remain on the rise.  If residential construction is on the rise then people are beginning to spend again and seeing as how residential construction isn’t cheap it means that people are spending big.

As the holidays approach the economy will hopefully get a boost from spending and with residential construction spending also in the works perhaps the reports of companies tightening their spending and hiring are erroneous.  If people are building homes again then there is a need, and that need for residential construction can only be the result of consumers who have either income or jobs that are allowing for the construction of homes.

The percentage that residential construction has risen isn’t gigantic but with a slowly recovering economy and so many unemployed, any news of a gain, no matter how seemingly small, is fantastic to a nation that desperately wants the economy back at its old strength, but in the aftermath of the recession can only wait for improvement.

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