The Jobless Rate Continues to Rise but Spending Rises Also

The jobless rate in our nation is the black eye on the recovering economy since unemployment claims are dropping disappointingly slow, so it would seem odd if spending was on the rise, but that is exactly the case.The unemployment rate are not any case for worry, some say, because despite the vast amount of unemployed individuals the unemployment claims are lowering. This does give a bit of hope, but the continued joblessness of the country would seemingly make people cautious seeing as how there is no income or there is the possibility of job loss, but reports are Americans are spending more in the face of job loss.

Realtors say sales agreements are up, the Cash for Clunkers program also generated a good deal of spending, reports say manufacturing industries are slightly up, and spending may be up because unemployment is expected to have peaked and people are seeing the glass as half-full.

The job market looks to improve but slowly and possibly with a few bumps. People are still having difficulty finding work but with spending increasing maybe all the economic forecasts and predictions aren’t an accurate representation.  Now that the jobless rate and unemployment rate has dropped in early 2012 many Americans are getting back on their feet financially.  Some are looking to file taxes early as they hope to get a refund check by the end of February.  Some of these individuals are looking for WalMart Turbo Tax Preparation Prices for 2012.  Finding the lowest prices on tax prep software is always helpful to those looking to build wealth.

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