Fed Officials Unsure About Raising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates in a move to battle the coming recession when signs were clear our nation was heading that in that direction. Since, they have combated the effects of the recession while trying not to drive the value of the dollar down or stunting the growth of the economy.Lately, the talks from Fed officials have given mixed impressions to the public as to where they stand on raising interest rates. The opinions vary, but both sides agree that interest rates must be raised to prevent inflation, but the question remains as to when.

On one side, Fed officials believe that interest rates should be raised as soon as possible, even if it’s at the end of this year or early next year. This needs to be done so that inflation doesn’t overrun a still unstable economy, because while the nation is on the rebound the Fed doesn’t want the value of the dollar to diminish.

Other Fed officials believe that interest rates should stay where they are for a longer period of time, definitely through this year and well into next, so that the economy would be allowed to improve and come to rest on a more stable foundation. Any rise in interest rates too early by the Fed could undo the recovery up to this point.

Either way, this is a situation that needs to be handled with care seeing as the housing market is still injured, the job market seems to be going nowhere, and the economy is just slowly on the move again. The Fed has a tightrope to walk in this case for certain, but what do you think the best course of action should be?

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