Credit Cards: The Fed Proposes New Terms to Aid Cardholders

Credit cards are in every pocket or purse of the average American. The ease in making purchases or when an emergency arises can all be easily handled by credit cards. However, despite the fact that practically every American own at the very least one credit card there are some issues that arise for card holders; namely interest rates. The problem with credit cards and government solutions have been documented on business and finance sites like for months and just a few days ago the Fed took steps in combating the abuse of cardholders by the credit card companies.

Some of the proposals the Fed is making would be to stop interest rate increases for one year after the credit card is activated, as well as, a ban on increasing interest on current credit card balances that aren’t over two months late. The Fed realizes that some people are in a position where they rely on credit cards and these new proposals are being set in place to protect people from credit card companies that would look to swindle cardholders out of their money or put rates in place that would keep cardholders in debt for a lifetime.

Another measure taking place is that a credit card company will not be able to issue a credit card to anyone under 21 years of age unless there is proof the individual can make the required payment or that cardholder has a co-signer to back them.

With our nation being so credit card crazy and relying heavily on credit, which essentially is spending money we don’t have, will these changes to the credit card industry help to lessen the burden of interest rates forcing people into crushing debt or is this simply a speed bump for credit card companies who seek do gain cardholder’s money no matter what?

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