Obama Facebook Poll: Angry Politics or Racism?

A story that shouldn’t have been given any attention due to its nature has become widely circulated and many believe the Facebook poll, which surveyed if President Obama should be killed is thought to be more than just a survey in bad taste. Some believe that the poll is just bitter politics that was taken too far; a show of just how divided our political system truly is, that we no longer see people but political parties.

Others believe the Obama Facebook poll is just another example of the racism that still runs untamed in our nation and even the President isn’t immune to the venom of those who want division based on skin color. The Facebook poll was pulled after site administrators discovered it but there were still a number of votes logged before it was shut down. So, with the creation of the poll and the subsequent participation of Facebook users, one wonders what that says about where society is today if these events are still a problem.

With an African American being elected president some have said, in seriousness and in jest, that racism is dead. Our country is divided by class (the haves and have-nots) but there are countless success stories about people of all creeds and colors who have come from nothing and, with hard work, risen to heights few have achieved. So, is division or the idea of an assigned lot in life still a problem based on things like color, income, and location?

The Obama Facebook poll, to some, speaks of an old mentality where racist cliques still want to see minorities subjugated to the whims of their masters. Granted, this small-minded train-of-thinking by no means applies to the majority of our nation but is racism still a problem that needs to be fought or is it a mind-set that is diseased and will die out in time?

Perhaps, though, the thinking about the Obama Facebook poll has nothing to do with black and white but is just bitter politics. We’ve seen countless examples of how the political parties are divided and will oppose any idea not presented by their party just on principal. Men have shouted during presidential addresses, refused to applaud an idea they may agree with just because their party members decline to, and the constant bickering and division over healthcare and the economy show that our politicians seem to be thinking more about their career and agenda than what is right, a good idea, or simply going outside of the political party groupthink.

With political opinions and party affiliations so strong, almost to the point of being cult-like, we have to ask, regarding the Obama Facebook poll, is it politically motivated by people who are angry their guy didn’t win, or is it another monster all together?

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