Unemployment; Job Seekers Still Looking Despite Recovering Economy

Unemployment has been the blight of vast numbers of Americans over the past years, but as the recession statistics point to a recovering economy job seekers are still facing unemployment numbers that seem insurmountable. However, with the economy supposedly on the rise why is unemployment slow to follow suit?Layoffs are slowing but companies are hesitant to start hiring again due to the uncertainty of if the economy is truly growing. Job seekers were hoping the recovering economy would bring waves of job openings but the number of job seekers out number jobs almost six to one.Healthcare has taken the front seat in the media yet the economy and unemployment can’t be set aside just yet. If the economy has stopped bleeding and the healing can truly begin, where do job seekers come in when the government turns to healthcare and forgets there are men and women still worried about things as simple as paying rent and putting food on the table?As the unemployment rate drops there are still many who are struggling to get by in early 2012.  These individuals may look for a Government Printable 1040 Income Tax Form 2012 to save a little bit of extra cash.  All American taxpayers should take advantage of the many free forms that are available on the IRS.gov website.  There are also many great resources on the FAQ website at IRS.gov.

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