Small Business Economic Improvement

It has been reported that the majority of small businesses are expecting to grow moderate to extensively in the coming months. Reports say small businesses expect improvement within three months and with the holiday season around the corner there could be bigger signs of economic improvement if spenders actually come out and business sales return to their former glory.If small businesses being to grow through the rest of the year and early 2010 then we could be running faster than expected toward full economic improvement. Some feel that small businesses are the key to economic recovery and we may have avoided the recession entirely had the bailouts for big businesses not been put into action.

Had big companies failed we defiantly would have still had a good deal of unemployment, however, since the big businesses began the economic sickness and it trickled down to small businesses, the bailout only helped the higher-ups, since small businesses were given no capital to stay afloat. That caused small businesses to lay off employees and close their doors with little hope of coming out of the recession unscathed. Had the big businesses been allowed to fail it would have created opportunities for small businesses to pick up the slack by expanding, hiring new employees, or even allow entrepreneurs to start companies, all of which could have created jobs.

Had the alternative been the case then there would have been some unemployment of overpaid and underachieving executives, but the economic repercussions would have been far less severe. Let’s hope that this positive outlook for small businesses in the face of economic improvement is far greater than anyone can foresee and perhaps our new economy will rest on the small business rather than an overgrown, out-of-control corporation that is only on the lookout for the interest of a few individuals at the top.

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