Job Market, Early Retirement Causing Social Security Fund Hardships

The job market isn’t recovering as quickly as the economy and many people are opting for early retirement as a result. This increase in claims will cause a payout that is more than the intake of funds. Despite the fact many who are retiring would be willing and are able, physically, to continue working they are choosing early retirement so as to keep some form of income.Some are finding that early retirement is not preferable due to having lost savings in the recession but it has become a choice between inadequate income and no income at all. Early retirement for certain people seems to be a sought after goal, but others feel they still have something to give, but in times like these the wants of people take a back seat to necessity.

People who are eligible for early retirement and well within their rights to receive benefits from social security don’t always want to fade into the shadows so quickly. Some people take pride in their jobs, still need health insurance from work, or simply want to put off retirement until later years when social security would pay more. Social Security is funded through payroll taxes, which are down because of the job loss in our nation and the Social Security fund is projected to be completely gone in 2037. So, those in their twenties today, who are feeling the weight of the recession, poor economy, and seeing early retirees exhaust the system even more due to necessity, may still feel the weight of these times even when they are ready to retire.

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