Obama and Hidden Nuclear Facility in Iran: New Cold War?

As reported yesterday, a note giving detail of an underground nuclear facility residing on a military base in Iran was brought to the attention of world leaders by the heads of the United States, France, and Great Britain. This violation of an international agreement is the solid proof needed to bring tougher sanctions to Iran and call out the nation and president Ahmadinejad on questionable actions.Ahmadinejad commented on Obama and the hidden nuclear facility and still claims that there is no intention of militarizing the plant or making weapons and Iran has done nothing wrong nor should be under suspicion seeing as how the nuclear facility isn’t finished. However, officials say the nuclear facility should have disclosed to officials earlier if the intent of the nuclear facility is indeed honorable.In response to the revelation of the plant and condemnation by the leaders of the United States, France and Great Britain, Ahmadinejad said the U.S. and its allies had no business questioning the actions of Iran or the nuclear facility. His response to questions was generally met with indignant responses and questioning the authority of the countries who called him out.

Reporter Ann Curry presented questions to Ahmadinejad in regards to Obama’s statements and his responses ranged from, “this is not nice,” referring to the accusations of noncompliance to, “they [referring to comments from Obama, Sarkozy, and Brown] will be sorry.”

Is Ammadinejad simply trying to better his nation with nuclear power or do his intentions and actions signal something more sinister?

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