Obama, Iran Nuclear Facility and Compliance

Obama, along with leaders of Great Britain and France, were nothing less than blunt today when speaking of Iran and it’s unwillingness to adhere to nuclear compliance laws that apply universally to all nations. Iranian president Ahmadinejad still denies there are any illegal activities in regard to the Iranian Nuclear Program and its compliance to nuclear sanctions.

Iran has an underground nuclear plant, which was kept secret until now and is said to be large enough to be enriching uranium so as to make bombs. Iran has had a history of deceit and deception, leaving little faith that the talk of compliance and good intentions matches their actions. The talk of nuclear compliance keeps coming to President Ahmadinejad and in light of the new accusations he has implied that his accusers would regret pressing him and that pressing his country in regard to nuclear compliance is a mistake.

Reports are the nuclear facility is on a military base under military guard, which tends to raise questions seeing as how the facility is said to be for civilian use. The base has been kept secret but intelligence gained by the U.S., France and Britain has supposedly known about the nuclear facility for years.

With sanctions against Iran, warnings, and world leaders calling out the non-compliance of the Iranian Nuclear Facility one wonders if Iran will comply or will they seek more cleaver methods for avoiding detection and penalties until they achieve their ends.

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