Healthcare Debate: Your Temperature’s A Little High

The debate over national healthcare has gone from an idealistic dream in which our country would devise a plan where the vast majority, if not all citizens, would have access to some form of healthcare when and where it was needed. However, the anger that has spewed forth from so many town hall meetings and the childish way our elected officials are divided and forming glorified clubhouses where only a certain few are allowed to play—God help you if you’re seen talking to the other side—is doing nothing but miring our country into a standstill on a number of important issues like healthcare.The opinions of the people are as numerous as fish in the sea but an issue like healthcare reform and the resulting avalanche of debates and arguments is not the right medium through which members of congress should be seeking television time. In articles and speeches both sides say the same thing: “the other side is making mistakes.” Again, the healthcare debate has dropped to the mentality of a childish “are not, are so” argument that one typically hears on a kindergarten playground.President Obama’s biggest failing thus far in the healthcare debate is to think that the members of congress would put aside the meaningless party title to which they cling and act like humans; caring about people who aren’t given cushy, perk-filled jobs, where they will never need worry about anything for the rest of their lives. Healthcare reform should be achieved to further the people of the nation that Congress serves and not edify congressmen and congresswomen’s egos, popularity, or agenda.

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