Clark Howard: Unemployment Doesn’t Indicate State of Economic Recovery

As reported in an earlier article September Unemployment Claims: Less Than Expected But Is It Good News? Unemployment claims were down over the last week but their remains over 6,000,000 people claiming unemployment. Clark Howard, in an article on titled “When the employment door closes, find an open window” says unemployment is not a good indicator of the economy’s recovery.

Rather, Howard seems to think government jobs, along with extra jobs that will be needed to assist companies from overworking current employees when the economy strengthens even more, and jobs involving new technology are going to be the fix for a overwhelmingly jobless nation.

Clark Howard is no fool by any means, but he, like the majority of the country are ignoring the fact that there are still millions out of work. These government jobs, tech jobs, and new green jobs are perhaps the salvation of the job market but these “could be” jobs are still waiting to be filled and with so many people looking one wonders why there is even a single open job to be had.

Yet, I do hope the pessemistic view of the job market and economy is unfounded and erroneous and that people like Clark Howard’s predictions for the coming months is absolutely true. President Obama said that the work on the economy and job market would not stop until every American who wants a job has one. Well, the American public is relying on just that, but for now all the unemployeed are left holding is a campaign promise:hope.

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